Sharjah CityMap @ the Sharjah Biennial!

The Sharjah CityMap is not a tourist map. The information in it was partly determined by the experiences of people who live and work in Sharjah (and who were interviewed at the InfoCart in early 2011). They provided information about the city and about places that are important to their daily lives and community.

Because no city can be truly represented by a map, the CityMap is incomplete, a work in progress, always under construction. There are many places not mapped here—so we hope that you will add to it as you use it.

The CityMap is available in 6 languages: English/Tagalog, Urdu/Arabic, and Bangla/Malayalam.

The CityMap is a project by Alexis Bhagat and Lize Mogel. It is designed by njenworks (, logo design by Yasmin Mohammed, printed by Magnet in Dubai (, and translated by Emna Zghal (Arabic), Mustafa Menai (Urdu), Sudeshna Sengupta (Bangla), Binoy Sebastian (Malayalam), and Beulah De Jesus (Tagalog).

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Update from Qasba

Hey, so Qasba has been AMAZING. If you haven’t been there this week, please stop by to visit the Sharjah InfoCart–or simply to enjoy the cool breezes. We’re right next to Caribou Coffee, near the Eye of the Emirates.InfoCart at Al-Qasba

We’ve been rolling out in the evenings. Monday we went as far as Grand Cinema on Buheira Corniche. Last night we tried to walk to Al-Majaz Park… but we didn’t get past Golden Tulip. The little piece of Qasba outside of MAQ near Golden Tulip is certainly my favorite place in Sharjah.

Qasba Boys

Qasba Posse, whassup!?

We were completely mobbed there last night by families and boys. Today we’ll be at Qasba again from 2pm – 6pm, then moving to Grand Cinema again (across Corniche St by the water) and coming back to Qasba by 10pm. See you?

(And, next week we’re at MegaMall all week. Still looking for one more Operator who knows how to speak Bengali. Please email if interested to and include your mobile number.)

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The InfoCart in action!

Some photos of the InfoCart in al-Rolla, January 13.

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The Sharjah InfoCart will be at the following locations in the next few days.


Sharjah Institute of Technology (Ladies Program) — 11:30am – 1:30 PM

Al-Ittihad Park (map) — 3:00pm – 8pm


Al-Shuwaiheen and Al-Mujarrah —  3pm – 8pm: Friday we have no truck. We’re rolling from the Arts Area, returning to Al-Mujarrah, making stops near Mujarrah Park and under a pipal tree in the (is it a construction site or a maidan?) between Corniche Mosque and Juma Masjid. And, of course making stops anytime we can’t cross the street!


Saturday, the Sharjah InfoCart will return to Al-Nahda, but this time to the fabulous Sahara Center Mall. Please visit us between noon and closing (1am.) (Map)


Sunday, the cart will move to Al-Qasba where it will be located all of next week.

STILL LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS! Come hang out with the InfoCart for an hour or two at any of these places. Talk with people about your city. Translate knowledge and stories between languages, nationalities and generations to help create a new map of Sharjah. EMAIL US at sharjahinfocart (at) … or just find us!

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Artist Alexis Bhagat on Dubai Eye – Tuesday

Alexis Bhagat, one of the artists behind the Sharjah InfoCart, will discuss the project on Siobhan Live. Tune in Tuesday at 1pm to Dubai Eye, 103.8 FM.

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Al-Nahda, 17-18 January


Sharjah InfoCart in Rolla. 14 January 2011. Photo by Alfredo.

The Sharjah InfoCart is now out in the streets. It will be in the Al-Nahda area of Sharjah today and tomorrow – 17-18 Jan, in the evenings.

It will be arriving in Al-Nahda Park between 3-4pm. At some point, we will roll out into the neighborhood. Please find us if you’d like us to come to your block! The Cart will return to Al-Nahda Park by 8pm.


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Hi. The Sharjah InfoCart is going out a little later than planned and we need more Cart Operators. Below is the job description. We URGENTLY need a Hindi/Urdu speaking operator.


The Sharjah InfoCart is a public information kiosk that collects information that will be used to create the new map of Sharjah.

For three weeks in January, it will travel to various locations throughout Sharjah City. The InfoCart will be staffed by a representative who will distribute and collect a questionnaire that asks people about the places in Sharjah that are important to them.

We are searching for men and women, aged 20-60, from diverse communities and backgrounds, to act as InfoCart representatives.

The most important attributes in a representative is that they are inviting, that they can engage strangers in conversation and make them feel comfortable, and also that they are good listeners.

Representatives should be friendly, neat, responsible, and reliable. They will have to occasionally push the cart to a location and occasionally help with loading it into a truck. They should also understand and respect different communities, and feel comfortable
speaking with men and women of different ages.

Representatives MUST:
•       have a cell-phone
•       be able to read and write in their native language
•       speak some English.
If you are interested, and you meet all those requirements, then
please write to us at–>

or call 05 5129 0610

Please include your telephone number and let us know which languages you know how to speak and read/write.

This position is available on a daily basis from Jan 14 – Jan 31.

This is a perfect opportunity for a very social person to connect with their community and “put them on the map of Sharjah.” InfoCart Operators are encouraged to bring the InfoCart to their own neighborhood or favorite places, and we will make all arrangements to bring the Cart to locations belong on the map.

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